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By | July 13, 2009

Logos?  Not so much.  This one is pretty simple, though.  Just give me a color scheme and the brief and I’m in heaven.  Current concept for new client: alexander/koenigsborg planners (that’s two people, btw)


Personally, I think blue and green are kind of played out for environmental firms, but heck, what do I know?

I’m also continuing my love affair with Rockwell, apparently.  Saw Kulturista (billed as a font for people frustrated with Rockwell… is that possible?) on I Love Typography the other day.  Might see if that works (keeping My Fonts in business by feeding my insatiable font addiction), might not; I kind of like it as it is.  Hello, lazy designer!


Printed it out on Vellum because it is my favorite “paper” (and environmentally friendly as far as paper can be… tree friendly in other words) – not very practical for letterheads, though, but clients seem to love it – it’s so old school… and no one is as old school “commercial art” as me.  I still have a T-square around here somewhere. :-)

As for business cards, I might go with a square card with a full bleed w/info on the back… then again,  may wake up in the morning and hate everything.  It has been known to happen before.

ETA:  Oooo!  the Adelle font; come to momma!

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